Telepresence Options has broken down the telepresence marketplace by matching various solutions with the appropriate target audience. Great overview for those considering investing in new or additional systems. IVCi client Duke University’s virtual lecture hall is featured in the section ‘Large Group Systems and Telepresence Classrooms.”

We have a higher education client who is using their custom telepresence system to create a global university, connecting students across the country and the world to each other and to subject matter experts.

The telepresence solution is giving students a unique opportunity to learn because the classes are interactive and in real time. A student in the US and in India may attend the same class, and listen to a lecture by a business leader who did not have to take the extra time to travel for a personal appearance.

It is exciting that younger students may also have access to this technology, and expand the boundaries of the classroom, even if it means sacrificing some snow days…

Live Now!

Bridging the Gaps Concert

Special TelePresence Event
Bridging the Gaps Concert
In association with the Urban Entertainment Institute
With a special appearance by Dr. Maya Angelou

Join us on May 6, 2011, at 11 am, U.S. Pacific Time, for a live broadcast of a TelePresence concert featuring students from Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. Students will share their music, vocal, dance and spoken word talents with each other and the world and have the opportunity to interact with renowned poet and author, Dr. Maya Angelou, acclaimed television and film producer, Norman Lear, and legendary casting director, Reuben Cannon. This concert will demonstrate how TelePresence can be used as a tool to bridge gaps in education, enable 21st century learning and preserve art programs in schools.

Participating schools include:

• DreamYard Preparatory School, New York City Department of Education
• Jordan High School and the Los Angeles High School for the Arts, Los Angeles Unified School District
• King College Prep High School, Chicago Public Schools

This event grew out of an innovative partnership between Cisco, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and the Urban Entertainment Institute, who collaborated to provide the first Cisco TelePresence systems in the LAUSD and demonstrated how education can be transformed by integrating the arts, academics and technology.

Time and Cost Savings: Virtual field trips enable students to safely visit new places without leaving the classroom.

Increased Learning: Attention to the subject matter increases, resulting in improved retention.

Student Collaboration: Students from different schools can work together on the same project.

Team Teaching: Teachers can enhance curriculum by virtually bringing experts into the classroom.

Professional Development: Teachers can learn new skills or earn a degree without leaving their school.

Group Meetings: Increased speed of decision making for school board administrators.

In a recent press release IVCi showcased our work with Global Writes, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote literacy, communication and collaboration among young people through the integration of performing arts and technology resources.

The press release covered our donation of Managed Video Experience bridging time to Global Writes’ poetry slam.  But that is only half of the story.  The work that Global Writes is doing with students in schools throughout NY and the country is nothing short of awe inspiring. IVCi has had the privilege to work with this organization for many years to bring video conferencing technology to schools along with the training and curriculum development to make it succeed.

At the most recent TED Talk, Global Writes highlighted their work with these students.  The video profiles their methodology and ends with a live video performance from one of Global Writes’ poetry slam schools.  Check it out!