According to a new report by Frost & Sullivan, the video conferencing market continues to grow, and money saving is the main reason for businesses to turn to video conferencing services because it allows  employees to work from any location without the need to travel.

The report specifies that small and medium sized businesses (SMB) are likely to be among those that will benefit most from the technology:

The bottom line:  small businesses especially can benefit from video conferencing by using it to reduce travel costs and enhance productivity. In fact, small companies can pay for the equipment with just one or two business trips saved.

According to Cisco’s VP June Bower points out that “the compelling reasons for utilizing video communications technology are starting to pile up. Web meetings are not just a good way to connect a far-flung team. They also cut costs, boost productivity and more.”

Video Conferencing for Small Business

A new study published by a telepresence provider has identified a trend that we have seen among our customers: technology, specifically video conferencing, continues to play a pivotal role in SMB competitiveness. An increasing number of these businesses will invest in video this year to cut costs and be more efficient, and those with video will add to their existing solutions. Those who don’t will get left in the cold….

Investing in a video conferencing solution presents immediate opportunities to improve communication within an organization. But what happens after installation can make all of the difference in how often people use the equipment – and the ROI that follows.

For example, we have a client who purchased several video conferencing systems for their medium-sized business. With eight systems installed, the company decided the costs of investing in infrastructure would be prohibitive – so they chose to simply purchase the hardware and connect it to IVCi’s cloud. Our client is now experiencing successful video calls and as a result using their equipment more often. They do not have to worry about managing the calls themselves – by using IVCi’s cloud-based service (our people, technology, and experience) they are free from the burden and cost of connecting and managing their own video meetings. All meeting participants simply show up to the conference room and the calls are already up and running! Smart idea, right?